About Furiex Pharmaceuticals

Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a drug development collaboration company using innovative clinical development strategies to accelerate and increase the value of partnered drug programs by advancing them through development in a cost-efficient manner. As the biopharmaceutical industry faces increased R&D spending with fewer successful therapies reaching the market, Furiex offers a new approach to help drug developers lower development costs and deliver products to the market more efficiently.

Strategic Drug Development Partnerships

Furiex Pharmaceuticals forms collaborations with innovators from both the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The Furiex model has proven success with a strong, diversified product portfolio and pipeline covering multiple therapeutic candidates including clinical-stage assets and two products currently on the market. We are advancing several programs and continue to pursue and evaluate other strategic partnering opportunities. We look to invest in drugs whose targets have scientific or clinical validation in disease indications that have a relatively straightforward path to regulatory approval and large potential addressable market.

Unique Risk-Sharing Model

Furiex Pharmaceuticals brings the resources our partners need to progress their programs through clinical development rapidly and provides them the opportunity to participate in the value created as a result. Our pharmaceutical risk-sharing model is unique because our focus is to derisk compounds for our partners with the option of delivering the compound back to the partner for the next stages of development. Furiex Pharmaceuticals is committed to sustainable growth, value creation and long-term profitability.

Extensive Experience

Drug development programs are designed and driven by our team of drug development experts, bringing extensive experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our leadership team collectively has more than 75 years of experience. Together, we build value by designing innovative programs that drive development faster and more efficiently across the development timeline.

Focused Approach

Furiex Pharmaceuticals was created in response to the biopharmaceutical industry's need for a new drug development model, and our sole purpose is to advance the most promising compounds to the next stage of development quickly. The novel Furiex model uses parallel processing with fewer decision gates. We map predicted outcomes of a study and take risks based on those predictions. Risks are mitigated by our disciplined approach and thoughtful contingency planning for potential issues that may arise. As a result, we can accelerate the drug development process by bridging steps across the developmental program as well as between studies.